Club characteristics

Dear owners of Svoboda tractors, we would like to introduce you to the only associating of Svoboda tractor owners in the Czech Republic.

The long-term task is to connect the owners of this brand of tractors, which should help. For example in renovating these tractors.


Svoboda Tractor Club was founded in January 2008 as an unregistered free association of Svoboda tractors owners. Since then, members of the club meet twice a year at the optional meetings that are part of the larger events at the end of April in Libeň and in mid-July in Klánovice.

In 2014, the family of V. Svoboda took over the patronage of the club and the club was registered as Svoboda Traktor Klub z. s., headed by the chairman, Mr. Josef Petr. The base of the club is professionalized, it actively organizes its own meetings which are announced every year.